Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin was born on Febuary 12th 1809 and died on April 19th 1882. Charles was a english naturalist who realized that human have evolved over time by common ancestors, such as apes. Charles Darwin for the most part was a family kind of guy. The only time he wasn't was when he went and sailed around the world. Charels got married in 1839 to his cousin named Emma Wedgewood.


Charles Darwin made many books. His very first and most famous book is The Origin of Species. The book was about his theory that we humans came from apes.

The Journey

Between 1801 and 1836, Charles sailed around the world to go look for fossils and history on humans. The ship that he sailed around the world was called The Beagle.  

Darwin Timeline

Charles Childhood= 1809-1825
The College Years=1825-1831
HMS Beagle Voyage=1831-1836
Marrage Life in London=1836-1842
His Early Research=1842-1859
After "Origin of Species"=1859-1871
Darwin in His Old Age=1871-1882