Ther are many different such as human evolution, bird evolution, music evolution and Evolution of Dance.
Evolution is the change of a population of things/ living things that change from one direction to the next. The dictionary definition is any process of growth or formation; development: the evolution of a language; the evolution of the air plane and the evolution of the human race.There are three types of evolution Divergent evolution,Convergent evolution, and Parallel evolution.

Convergent Evolution

Convergent Evolution causes difficulties in fields of study such as comparative anatomy.   The study of comparative anatomy predates the modern study of evolution. Convergent evolution takes place when species of different ancestry begin to share traits of one another because they are in the same environment.

Convergent in this foto is B

Divergent Evolution

 Divergent Evolution is when the patter of evolution in which two species gradually become increasingly different. This type of evolution often occurs when closely related species separate and go to different habitats.

Parellel Evolution

Parallel Evolution occurs when two different species evolve independently of each other that have the exact same level of similarity.